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Common Home Security Tips For Binghamton

May 31, 2021
Vivint home security in Binghamton

Despite the fact you believe your residential area a safe place to live, there are always a few things you can do to improve the security of your home. Keep in mind, a break-in might go on no matter where you live. Fortunately, it’s really quite simple to raise the safety of your residence.

Explore and implement these home security tips in Binghamton for your family’s benefit.

Binghamton home security tip #1 upkeep your yard

Thieves tend to hide in the shadows where a neighbor or passerby is unable to spot them. Make sure your outdoor area is covered in light and eliminate a place to hide. Maintain shrubs or trees by your windows to keep a clear view of your home’s perimeter. You will have more success spotting possible burglars in Binghamton when others can see your entryways from the street.

Take a walk around your house to identify potential dark and hidden areas. Some places that offer concealment like garages and decks are sensible spots to utilize a motion floodlight. Solar lights can illuminate a pathway to your house. You can even use advanced smart bulbs in your exterior areas, so they will activate if your security system uncovers a problem.

Binghamton home security tip #2 lock your doors

When you're tired and heading to bed, do you always check to make sure doors are locked? How many times have you arose from your sleep and discovered an unlocked door? Or came home from work with the garage door open to the world?

Make your life easier with an advanced locking system. You can enable your doors to engage at your prescheduled hour every evening or to bolt automatically less than a minute after they're unlocked. With your smartphone app, you can check your locks' status. There’s no need to put a key under the mat. Rather, program custom entry keycodes and get alerts on your phone when they are used. For added security, install a sensor that alerts you when you forget to shut the garage door.

Binghamton home security tip #3 look for other emergencies

A burglary is only one type of threat you need to consider. Defend your home against fires, CO leaks, or floods with smart alarms. You should have a detector installed already, but monitored alarms will likely accelerate emergency response when a disaster occurs. To illustrate, your monitoring team and can contact the fire department while you focus on getting your family and pets out of the house and to a safe space.

Senior woman setting Vivint alarm

Binghamton home security tip #4 upgrade to a monitored home security system

Installing a security system is a smart choice when considering home security tips for Binghamton. You will get simple management of your detection devices,smart lights, and automated locks with a single smartphone app. You can then pair all your alarms and cameras to each other and have them operate as a cohesive whole.

In the event an alarm goes off, your monitoring experts have your back. Your 24/7 response experts will reach out to you to ensure that you are safe, then notify police or fire. For your peace of mind, your house will be protected even when you’re not there. The monitoring team stays at the ready at any time, 365 days per year.

Binghamton home security tip #5 be a good neighbor

Always tell a neighbor when you leave for vacation and make sure they stop by your home every few days. If anything happens, they can serve as contact person until you can get back. Provide them with a key or customize a door code if you have a smart lock. Just be prepared to return the favor.

Upgrade your home defense with Vivint’s integrated home security

Your lighting, locks, and alarms will all be integrated with an advanced home security system from Vivint. Take the first step by calling today, and a Vivint representative will begin the process of designing the ideal home defense system for your property. Place a phone call to (607) 600-9610 or send in the form below today.